Harle's Poem
by Rosey
To our tiny little lady:
We’ll miss you every day.
From the way you used to not-meow
When there were things you had to say.

We’ll really miss your headbutts
And you sleeping on our laps,
Or the way you used to say hello
With tiny paws and gentle taps.

We’ll miss your fluffy tail
And your fluffy little face.
Your bright green eyes, your fancy paws
The warmth you brought to every space.

We’ll miss you sitting by the vacuum,
Too deaf to run in fear.
The way you’d always seem to listen
Though it was hard for you to hear.

We’ll even miss Peepants McGee
On couch and friend and rug.
We knew that it was not your fault,
But on our heartstrings it would tug.

Because we saw you getting older
And slowing down too fast.
But you kept on being strong for us
Right up until the moment that you passed.

And that’s what we’ll miss most of all:
Your never ending love.
Through tears and laughs, good and bad,
You just could never give enough.

We’ve never claimed to know
What happens at the end,
But we can promise with all certainty
We will look for you, furbaby friend.

Until the day we see you again
We’ll be both broken and complete
Because you were without a doubt
The sweetest cat anyone could ever meet.

So this is our goodbye to you,
We hope to see you once again..
From us and Yoshi and Lynxie, too,
We love you, little Harle-kins.
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