Unwanted and Unloved
by Roberta
You said to me "Let me show you that you're not unwanted and unloved."
You said to me "In doing so, then you will show me that I'm not unwanted and unloved."
I said to you "I'm sick and scared and lonely."
I said to you "Can you please show me the way?"
You said to me "We'll find the way together."
You said to me "I can't find it without you either."
I said to you "What if I get lost again?"
You said to me "I'll never let that happen again."
I said to you "I will always love you so 3x.
You said to me "I will always love you so 3x."
We said to each other "Death cannot break the bond we share."
We said to each other "I will wait for you forever."
We said to each other "Never again will we be unwanted and unloved."

I love and miss you so much, Tor. Until we meet again, you are forever in my heart.
Love always, Mommy xoxoxoxoxo
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