The Little Princess
by Roberta
I still feel pain and I still feel anger.
It seems like my heart has been pierced straight through with a dagger.
Did I try too hard? Did I try too little?
Most of the time, I'm stuck somewhere in the middle.
We had the perfect family-you, me, and Sec.
Now that you are gone, I feel so lost and weak.
Our family was torn apart and I don't understand why.
After six years is it "normal" that I still cry?
You saved me and, for you, I couldn't do the same.
We are forever responsible for the things that we tame.
Who tamed who? The answer is unclear.
All I know is that I miss the time when you were near.
I love you so 3x, my beautiful friend Tori.
For me, The Little Princess should be the name of the story.

I love and miss you so much, Tori! I will love you so for all eternity. I'll see you at the Bridge one day. I know you are waiting for me.
Love always,
Mommy xoxoxoxoxo

Tori 11/20/03-6/12/10
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