My cat Buster
by Roberta .........................................
I first saw the tiny creature standing under a tree on the side of the road where I lived. He looked like a strange alien with a large head; huge ears; eyes swollen shut; and diminutive body. He was a starving 3 week old kitten who had emerged from a culvert.

Though near death, he was spunky enough to run and try to hide when we attempted to apprehend him. Once trapped and at the vet, he was around 1 pound (literally skin, fur, and bones); had an eye infection; a respiratory infection; was anemic from flea infestation; and had ring worm. We weren't sure if he would make it through the night.

But make it through the night he did. He grew into a 15 pound bundle of life spark; joy; humor; and love. We have never laughed so hard as at this cat who seemed to want to be human. He could open doors. He had a vocabulary for every occasion and I learned to know exactly what he wanted when he asked for it. (OK, it mostly had to do with food.) And he perfected the, what I called, "Buster Mind Meld". He would sit as level with me as he could and stare at my face, for as long as it took, to get what he wanted. He chose me as his primary care giver and focus of attention. Me - a now reformed dog person!

Now all that bright light is gone. We made the decision on August 29, 2014 and I still question not giving it one more try to bring him back from the brink. He, once again, resembled that pitiful creature I found on the side of the road. He was debilitated and wanted to be left alone in a hidden place.

Sometimes I feel that I can't breathe the sorrow is so deep. He gave me so much joy and laughter; I don't know how to get over the sadness I live with now.

I had a cat name of Buster
He gave all the love he could muster
But now I'm alone
And the bright light he shone
Has gone out and my life has no luster.

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