by Ricky
Smokey started breathing through her mouth audibly in July. She no longer meowed and her purring was rattly and then nonexistent, as was her eating. I arranged for a CT scan to see what was causing her distress, and they found a mass the size of a marble on her larynx. They biopsy it and take as much of the remainder out as they can, and say her breathing and appetite have both dramatically improved, but caution me that when I pick her up, she will still be partially anesthetized (re: high). I bring her home and she cleans her bowl and wants more food, so I give it to her. I am infinitely grateful for the extra time I had with her.

I go to bed that night, and she is in the living room. I hear my door creak open, and I hear bags begin rustling, and a crunching sound.
So I sit up in bed and turn the light on, and look at the bag of dry cat food in my room.

Smokey is upside down with her entire upper body inside the bag of dry cat food. I hear crunching again. She noticed the lights on and pulls her head free and looks at me like her hand was caught in the cookie jar. She crunches again and swallows before leaving the room.

The next day she got her face stuck in a White Castle slider box and appeared to find it very entertaining. So did I.
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