Beautiful Abbie
by Ricky Waller
Today, Jan. 13, 2019 I had to surrender my dear animal companion "Abbie" (cat) back to God's care. Blind from birth we adopted her when she was about 7 yrs old from our Dr.'s Nursing assistant who had started developing allergies. She gave us another 7 years of her life, and I am so grateful to the Creator for letting her walk through this period of my time here on Earth. Her "handicap" was never an issue in our home. She found her way around and on top of every piece of furniture, loved sunbathing in windows and enjoyed basking in the sun during the Spring and Summer months on our back deck. Abbie would gently let you know she wanted your attention by tapping on your leg or arm and would frequently jump on the bed with me whenever I played guitar. She loved sounds in a way few other pets I've had do. She listened and responded to the wind outside and seem to really love Mexican music on the TV during the last couple weeks of her life. My wife and I are childless by choice but God has given me a heart similar to St. Francis and I loved this dear one like a child. I will miss her dearly but feel confident our paths will cross again in Heaven. Till then, Take care of her Lord and thank you again for letting my "Abbie Cat" grace my life. Just one way I know you are a loving God and Creator for the blessing of Abbie.
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