Solo's story
by Rick Bryant
Oh my sweet, sweet Solo girl. It breaks my heart to know that the time has come for you to depart. You have fought a great battle and I cannot allow any more suffering. I have had several dogs thru out my life but none touched my heart like you. You were a wild dog living in the desert when I first heard of you. You would quietly come into the apartment complex at night to raid garbage cans for food and get drinks from the swimming pool. People would tell stories of encounters with you and say how fast you would disappear back into the desert when confronted. It took me several weeks to witness your routine in action. I was most intrigued by your amazing abilities, your zest for survival and your uncanny way of avoiding capture from the dog catcher. Although it took much planning and over 12 months to coax you out of the desert and into my home I have been blessed with 12 years of joyous companionship and love.
My baby girl Solo you will be missed. And in your place, we will share memories to comfort us. Everyone you touched has loved you and enjoyed your story. You were a joy to have and hold. The time went by way too fast. Love you my precious, beautiful friend. God I give you this puppy back.
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