Where, is a beautiful place.
by Rheva Wren
Where's Finch?

*Where* is a beautiful place. There are rainbows in dew covered grass to run through each morning. The water is clear and I swim, sometimes it seems, for days. There are many winding trails, tall mountains, rocky streams, and flower filled meadows. There are patches of sunshine on soft grass to nap in. There are warm fires on crisp evenings and soft pillows to dream on.
*Where* is full of my friends; my brothers and sisters are here. They are every bit as wonderful as human told me they were. They are proud of me for taking such good care of our her. Hiway was especially worried about her since he had to leave too soon, like me. There is family here that none of us have met, humans and furfriends my human told me stories about. We comfort each other, and have become fast friends. Stallone showed me the best ocean beach, Charlie has a favorite lake, and Bristol, of course, is still a princess.

*Where* is a place we wait for our humans. There are humans here, but not our human. We take turns watching over our humans on earth, it's not the same as being there, but it's close. Sometimes we curl up at your side to sleep and send happy dreams, that's one of my favorite new tricks. I wish you knew how close we are. Often we are busy running and playing (and napping too) but we take time each day to share our favorite memories and reach out to your heart. If you sit quietly, perhaps you can feel us reaching?

*Where* is someplace to be together always, without illness, old age, infirmity, or illness.

*Where* is a place without photos, but with perfect, shining memories of every precious moment we spent with those we love.
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