For the Forgotten Ones
by Raven
All the animals at the Rainbow Bridge waited, knowing their loved ones would join them one day.
But there was a group that kept aside from the others, healed, but not playing or happy.
What was wrong? Where were the families that would join them?
The other animals wondered, wandered over to the group, but the animals there just shook their heads and stayed, silent and sad.
Then one day, an man and a woman, in odd brown uniforms showed up.
The sad group saw them, and started running and jumping with joy.
Who were they?
They were the people who run the animal shelters, who gave these lost ones the only love they ever knew, even though they could not give them homes, or even always save them. But they knew, remembered, and loved all those who had passed through their hands.
And with their rescuers, the animals could finally go over the Rainbow Bridge.
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