Gone to soon
by Brandy Ratliff
Dear God, Why did it have to happen? He was loved here and he is missed very much. He was a Very good boy, Went through a hard time as a Puppy, his last owners beat him. Then he came here and loved me and I him. one day he stopped eating I knew something was wrong, so we took him to the vets, Just to here that his Kidneys had failed, the vet said that he could try to save you but that would have put you in pain, I could not watch you suffer anymore. I had to put my feelings aside and think of yours. So I sat on the floor and hel your head in my lap while the vet injected you with the needle, Tears came down my face. I knew that was the last time I would see your loving eyes looking at me. But you had this look on your Face like I do not want to do this anymore MOM. I knew that was the last time I would pet your Face. I told you I loved you, you looked at me like "Do not Cry mom I will be ok and just remember I love you". I know i will see you again someday Big Boy, But until then I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. You were so loving and so gentle, So why did this have to happen to you? So be good my Bubby Bear Mom Loves and thinks about you everyday.
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