Unconditional Love
by Rachel Calantjis
You came into my life
With a lot of strife

You were as lost as I was
Wanting love and a home

You gave so much love
As I gave you my all

I want you to know
I didn’t want you to fall

I would do anything to have you whole
Back to where you were before the pain

You were my whole world
I was so happy to care for you

As you entered onto the rainbow bridge that night
I was right by your side in your flight

I hope you are happy- in a much better place
I know you want me to be happy

I will strive to have joy
With the notion we will meet again

And I want you to know my love will grow
That love is embedded in our connection

Encircled forever in our hearts is our love
Even when you are way far above

So I won't say good by - until we meet again
My loving fury Luke…my best friend

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