My beloved Bertie
by Rachel
Bertie, my sweet friend, I love you. Even though you can be my “problem kitty” and “annoy” me sometimes, I love you beyond what words can even begin to describe. I can’t believe our 18 years together is almost over, it shatters my heart thinking you won’t be here with me anymore. I’m going to miss you so much my sweet kitty. I’m going to miss having a snuggle buddy or as I like to call you, my “snuggle bean”. I’m going to miss how you rest your cute head on my shoulder as you snuggle into my body as we watch tv together on a quiet night. And I’m going to miss hearing you paw at my door at 6am to wake me up. I’m going to miss sitting on the kitchen floor with you and you climbing up on my shoulders. I’m going to miss your sweet little meows telling me that you need food in your dish and digging in before your bowl is even full. I’m going to miss our “slumber parties” even if you did end up leaving halfway through the night. I’m going to miss you sitting under the Christmas and being our first present. I’m going to miss our midnight showers and you creeping on me to make sure I’m ok. I’m going to miss using you as a pillow when I’m tired and sad. I’m going to miss having conversations and the feeling I get when you brush your head against my cheek. And I’m going to miss having you at my feet on a cold winters day or having you just curled up beside me. I’m going to miss your wonderful Bertie hugs and being able to kiss your cute and sweet little head and looking into your beautiful green eyes and not just seeing a cat, but my best friend. I’m going to miss the excitement you had when I came home and calling your name and you coming to sit on my lap for the next hour and a half. I’m going to miss coming back from vacation when we were separated for too long and spending the next day snuggled up with each other because we missed each other so much. I’m going to miss walking into my room and seeing you sleeping peacefully on my pillows or hiding under my blankets in the winter. I’m going to miss having to fight over blankets and then freezing because I want you to be more comfortable. I’m going to miss you sleeping on the vent and always hogging the hot air. I’m going to miss you trying to come up on my lap and trying to eat my food or you going into the fridge whenever I open it and having to pull you out of there. And most of all, I’m going to miss always having a constant friend and comfort in my life. When you’re gone, I’m not just losing a cat, I’m losing my best friend and all the memories we made together. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you sweetie. I love you so much, Bertie. You’re truly my best friend and I’ll miss you beyond what words will ever say.

Love forever,

Your best friend
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