Live Forever
by Rachel Pout
If you could live forever,
You would never have to go.
If you could live forever,
I would never have to know,
That truest pain of losing you,
That purest, deepest grief,
Those days to live bereft of you,
Being broken beyond belief.

But you cannot live forever.
That never was the deal.
There'd always be one left behind,
With a broken heart to heal.
For you my friend, I'll face it.
I'll help you find relief.
I'll take your pain away from you,
And carry it as grief.

And though right now I'm broken,
I will once again be whole,
When it becomes my turn to run,
Towards your sparkling soul.

Until then I will wait.
Until the day I die.
I'll wait to see your face,
And the sunshine in your eyes.
And when it's time for me to follow,
I'll close my eyes and see,
Your little face for all tomorrow,
Forever you and me.
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