Marmaduke M.
by Paul & Beverly Burns
Marmaduke M.; you simply were so traumatized you just "lost it" when you attacked the whole family; we saw it in your eyes that "you" were gone and we were not going to get you back. You were big and strong and strong willed so when you did "loose it" you were even more so. We prayed that we would not have to hurt you nor that we would not be hurt, our other dog sensed you weren't yourself so simply defended instead of attacked against you, we wrestled with you for what felt like forever and then suddenly you ran over to the family room let out this mournful cry and collapsed into a heap of exhaustion. You never came back to you. We called the Vet. and she said you likely had been through too much as she knew you, but she couldn't get you in, so since it had been such a full blown attack we might have to use County, because we couldn't risk another attack. We called Daddy and sadly he agreed. You were prayed for and blessed with Holy Water, we knew you didn't have control over yourself and we hold no ill to you. People who put you in the traumatic situations simply pushed you too far and something we will never know about triggered your breakdown and you were lost for good. We really prayed we could give you the stable place and love you needed, but you were already too hurt and untrusting to know what to do. We were shocked to see you break like that, the night before you slept at the foot of the bed like always in calm and peace (and snoring of course). Where you are now is a safe and beautiful and caring place, full of other dogs and animals and all get along, always. There's no need to fight for food or water or place to sleep, there's enough love for all, we had hoped you were learning that here but I guess you had just had too much pain and God only knows of what kind. We hope somehow by now where you are you can be happy and know you really were cared for here and the best was what we were working toward for you. Wherever "you" went that dreadful day we know it wasn't your fault, so be happy where you are at Rainbow Bridge, you won't be hurt there. We felt like you deserved a place here like all our other dogs that were "good dogs" because you were not a bad dog, you were a "good dog" that got treated badly and that is the human misjudgment in how to handle things so we know you were a "good dog" :be at peace; Mom and Dad
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