Our Last Good-bye
by Patricia Fleming
By Pat F.

The walls reflected fluorescent white,
The air imbued with alcohol.
We could hear the fear in a barking dog,
Echoing faintly from down the hall.

The doctor spoke in his gentle way,
Trying his best to console.
My precious boy was very sick,
The years had taken their toll.

He lay upon the table of steel,
His head drooping upon his paws.
His eyes were dull and heavy,
And he made no sound at all.

I could feel the tears that filled my eyes,
As my heart began to ache.
I knew the only choice I had,
Would be for his own sake.

I looked upon my beloved pet,
And caressed his soft black fur.
Curled up safely in a ball,
He began to softly purr.

I thought how lonely life had been,
When I found him as a kitten.
And when I looked into his eyes,
I was forever smitten.

He had given me such happiness,
From the moment that he came.
How could I ever let him go?
Nothing would be the same.

I held him tightly against my chest,
As his heart beat next to mine.
He cuddled warmly in my arms,
We knew for the very last time.

And when that final moment came,
He seemed to be at peace.
And I whispered all my love to him,
Until his breath had ceased.

But still I couldn’t let him go,
And held him while I cried.
But I knew one day we’d meet again,
When finally came my time.

And I pictured him in my mother’s arms,
Just watching from above.
Waiting for me patiently,
So happy and so loved.

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