Reunited Again
by Pat Gray
Once their was a male yorkie named Champ. When he was a year old he was introduced to an eight week old female puppy named Lucy. The two of them bonded right away. Champ and Lucy were loved by everyone who came into contact with them . They also raised a couple
of litters together. One morning aump was found on the side of Champ. He only weighed about four pounds. The vet was called an appointment set up. The next morning Champ was not moving. Lucy went over and tried to paw at him to wake him up. She cried and whined. Champ had crossed over to the rainbow bridge. He was cancer free.
Champ met up with an old pal named Abby. They watched over their humans and Lucy from the bridge. Champ really missed Lucy. He had left her one last gift. Two months later she gave birth.
Abby said there is part of you left on the earth through your puppies. So time marched on and the pups grew and Lucy grew older. One day Mom brought home another yorkie who was rescue named Toby. He was neutered. He and Lucy bonded , and she treated him as one of her own. Lucy was almost thirteen years old. One morning she went out and seemed fine. She came unplayed with Toby and ate. Her human Mom took a nap . After waking up to let Lucy out. She was gone. Lucy had crossed the rainbow bridge.
At the bridge Champ said Abby come on a very special dog is getting ready to cross over. They went to their end of the bridge and waited with the welcoming committee. She was a little confused. One minute she was home ,and the next minute a great white light appeared with a beautiful bridge in it.Lucy started walking across the bridge. She looked at the dogs waiting to welcome her. One face stood out from all the others. It was Champ. He ran to her and licked her and welcomed her. He introduced the other dogs and explained where they were. Champ gave Lucy a tour of their her new home and introduced her to Abby and the gate keeper. They started to run and chadeceach other and playvwuth toys. Lucy had brought her little stuffed dog with her. It was called baby. After playing until they could hardly stand up. They ate and went and laid on a fluffy white cloud. Champ said we are reunited forever now. I want to show you something. They looked back on the earth and looked down on their Mom and Toby. Lucy started to cry. Dont cry said Champ we can watch over them from up here and one day we can all be together again. Champ said let's send Mom a sign that you are at peace and well. They sent a butterfly from the bridge to let Toby and their Mom know that Lucy was safe and well, and that her and Champ were together again.

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