Our Precious Bob
by Pat Hargreaves
We got Our Precious Bob from RSPCA rescue back in 2006 he was 12 months old Cross Jack Russell and Collie he was a beautiful little mate to my husband and I
Jan this year 2019 he was sort of off but he recovered then in Feb he had a seizure which was horrible to with the rang vet bring him in tomorrow they did bloods everything was fine gave him meds and he recovered so we thought last Monday he’d been fine all day out in the garden with my hubby then about 7pm he came in from the garden I always shared an apple with him he ignored me and stood facing front door we knew right away he was having another seizure hubby took him out for a short walk (this seemed to help him last time) but he didn’t want to know, they came back but he remained in the hall, around 11pm we heard him trying to get up my hubby ran out (won’t tell me what he saw)shouted phone the vet and then Bob was sick, we took him into out of hours vet examined him and when she firmly pressed on his belly he cried out in pain, we will have him back in the morning for scan if that’s ok then we will refer him to have an MRI to see why he’s having these seizures. Took him back next morning, vet phoned he’s got cancer of the liver and spleen with meds he can come home and may have 6 months or he could die from a massive bleed in the meantime, we took the heartbreaking decision to let him go, we couldn’t see him with the panic in his eyes saying why am I like this what’s happening to me, help me. He passed away in our arms having cuddles and kisses he was a beautiful loyal dog.

He’d greet my hubby when he came in from work bring him his slippers, he followed us around the house even into the loo, watched from the hallway when cooking in the kitchen (we called him the assistant chef). He’d have a conversation with us when he was going for his walk , he loved the sun, hated wood pigeons and squirrels and would scoot into the garden barking at them, he loved me giving him pats on the back then a little massage when he was done he’d go and lie down, if we coughed or sneezed his head would come up checking we were ok, I fell whilst out walking him a few weeks ago a passing cyclist stopped to help me up Bob wouldn’t let him near me, I told the cyclist to hook his lead over a fence post which he did then the cyclist could help me up, he loved people and kids some dogs yes others no. He was a little character and the house is empty without him not that he was a loud dog it’s just his little body isn’t in the places he used to lie on, only time he barked was when the postie came, didn’t like the noise of the bin lorries other than that you never heard a peep. We took some of his ashes yesterday and scattered them by the gate where he used to stand and watch the cows, we then took some to N Wales where we used to live and scattered them on a field where we used to stop, we bought a rose ‘sweet dreams’ put some of his ashes in there, put some around the garden and the rest are now in his box sitting on the fire grate with a key ring that holds some of his fur on top of it where it will stay as I’d hate to lose it. We say goodnight to Bob and good morning with kisses we are having a portrait done of him anyone who doesn’t or had animals would think we were mad but he was our boy he was part of our family’s a beautiful soul. When we were coming back from N Wales we passed the field by where we live and there were cows, they haven’t been there for a few months how weird is that and we both burst into tears. He will
live in our hearts forever and know he’s waiting for us just around the corner over the rainbow bridge for us to join him and become a family again. 😪
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