Our Sweetie Wish
by Painless and Grifter Wolf.........................................
We've always been dog lovers, myself (Grifter) my husband Painless and our wonderful roommate Justin aka Syrrh. We'd heard about rescue greyhounds and went to check them out. There were plenty of puppies to choose from, from 2 - 10 years old. One by one we tried to play with some, but they were more interested in the toys than us. Then, one excitable, black greyhound (with a little white streak and heart shaped face) ran out of her cage and grabbed a ball we threw for another puppy and brought it back to us. We knew we had found our girl.

It was a perfect match right from the start. Energetic and precocious, Wish would always be that way, year after year after year. Even when we got a second pup to keep her company she was still our little girl. The white in her fur appeared on her face making a wonderful heart shape that we could look at all the time. We loved her and she had a most wonderful life.

Today, was just like any other day. I came home at three from work and Wish was bouncing at me and running around all happy, Jack our other puppy tail fwacking everywhere he could go with her. At about 6pm though she suddenly had a tremor and looked like she suddenly lost her balance. She went into the other room and laid down while we petted her and called the vet. She then seemed like she was better, a little nervous to lay down, she was panting heavily and drinking a lot of water. When she laid down with us in the living room, we petted her and suddenly just a bit after 7 she began showing signs of the end. Syrrh came down and joined us as she lay, half conscious with us as we petted her and kissed her, wishing that it wasn't that time.

We started making plans at about ten till 8 to take her to the vet, she wasn't making any progress and a friend had inspired us to try to get her to someone to help, but fate stepped in and we watched as our sweet girl passed away. Petted and loved on by her papas who had loved her for so many years. We took her silently and sadly to the clinic and will be giving her a private cremation with her favorite crunchy toy and her favorite blanket that she spent years sleeping in while we went through beds for them.

Don't ever regret the time you have with your puppies, and don't ever say they're "gone" when they pass away. They are in your heart, and they'll be waiting for you to find them and play with them again someday. A huge loss was felt through the entire house today, even Jack has found Wish's bed and favorite laying spots and has been laying in them. He will miss his big sister too. Her racing name was "Our Legacy's Wish" and she really lived up to that name in our lives.

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