Peedie Gucci
my peedie Gucci, I miss you so much, my peedie Gucci, it was love
we meditated together, we did cards together, we sat in the sun together, it was love
we slept in the same bed, we were both sleepy heads, I miss you so much cos it was love
Gucci is gorgeous and so pretty and smelled like flowers, and it was love
my peedie Gucci I miss you so much my peedie Gucci, it was love
you were my baby, I was your human mummy, we were best friends, in love
now you have gone, I miss you so much, I can’t go on without peedie Guc
I speak to you daily, as if you are here, I can’t let go of my peedie Guc
I loved you dearly and you loved me, it was true love and we was soulmates
We will always be, in each others hearts, even though I cant cuddle my peedie Guc
I can’t always see you, I know you’re here, but it’s not the same without peedie Guc
Life’s pretty shit now without peedie Gucci, but I have to, try to go on
One of the last things you said, as you were dying, was for me to go on, without you
So I will honor your wise words, and do my bestest, peedie Guc
No one will ever replace you, lifes not the same without you, I love you always, my peedie Guc
I’m starting a blog now, cos Gucci told me, I need to start writing, my peedie clever Guc
Guc is my guide in heaven, and hopefully she’s doing well, I worry about you, my peedie Guc
I cry as I write your song, because I can’t go on, life is so rubbish now, without my Guc
My beloved Gucci, you would’ve loved this, a song about you, my peedie Guc
I love you forever, to the end of time and back, I love you so much, more than crisps
I wish we had our time again, my peedie Gucci, I feel you left too soon and I cant cope
I’d give almost anything, just to have you in my arms again, and have our cuddles, peedie Guc
You are so beautiful, my little fur angel, I am still obsessed with you, my peedie Guc
I’ve got friends and family, all around me, but its not the same, as my peedie Guc
My heart is broken, I am so lonely, I cant get over my peedie Guc
I love my life, and everything in it, but I’d give it up in a minute, to be with peedie Guc
I wonder if Deva, Premal will sing this, if I tell her, its for peedie Guc
You were her greatest fan, you liked all her songs, my amazing clever girl, peedie Guc
One last word Guc, please guide and help me, where do I go from here, my peedie Guc
I value your opinion, you are so clever and wise, always helping me, my healer cat Guc
All I want is world peace, more kindness to animals, and some inner peace, peedie Guc
Well I suppose I better end here, as I could go on forever, singing and writing about peedie Guc
Hope you can hear me, Love you forever, to the end of time and back again, my peedie Guc
Nite nite my sweetie, thanks for always being with me, I love you dearly, peedie Guc
Comments would be appreciated by the author, PAULINE DAVIDSON
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