by Oreo Lee
OREO LEE aka “O-O” 2012-2019
We wanted to write a few words here
to honor the life of our beloved dachshund Oreo.He was the bestest dog in all the land.He was 7 years old and died from complications of an aggressive fast moving cancer. He left this earth way to soon!Oreo was a very good dog. He had a sweetheart timid mellow temperament .He always wanted to please.He was potty/house trained very quickly because he was very intelligent.
He loved to play with rope toys, play hide and seek with towels where we would say “where is Oreo?” and shake the towel with a tug of war type play. He loved raw hide and would
eat them all day long if we would let him!
Oreo bonded with his older brother Chewie very quickly and they became inseparable, best friends. Oreo was a dog of law and order and he didn’t like it when rules were broken e.g. like when his brother would take something under the bed that he knew he shouldn’t be. Oreo would let us know with his protesting barks that his brother was being a bad boy!! We often called him the Chewie police.
He loved to cuddle and snuggle. He was very sweet and would just come push his way up to the top of your shoulder moving anything you happened to be doing out of the way so he could give you hugs and kisses. He has a routine with me that each day after being fed, he would come and give “good morning kisses.” Oreo loved playing in the snow and running through deep snow made him very happy. He loved going for car rides and enjoyed his visit to Yellowstone where lots of tourists took his picture.
Oreo will be missed greatly by his brother Chewie, his mama, and dad and his sister Nichole. Rest now sweet baby and we know we will be together again soon. A big void is left in our hearts we will miss him “always” We are glad that you knew just how much you were loved! ALWAYS!!!🐾🐾❤️
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