Ashe, I'm sorry
by Nur Idayu Suhaimi
Ashe, listen to me.
Ashe kucing baik. Ashe bdk baik sgt.
Takpernah tk dtg kalau sy panggil
Takpernah kencing merata
Takpernah buat sy sedih. Kecuali masa ashe tanak main dgn sy
Ashe suka snappy tom beef
That's your fav food even tho you basically will eat anything
I miss u syg
I miss u so much it hurts
Ni je sy boleh buat sbb org lain dh penat dgr sy ckp pasal awk. Sy tknk org lain penat dgr nama awk, sbb nnti it hurts me too.
Ce, sy tkde rasa nak buat anything.
Taknak kerja taknak makan. Taknak.
Sy nak awk. Boleh tak awk dtg balik? Sy tunggu
Nnti sy redeem myself. I will treat u and give attention to you more..
Ashe sy tk sempat nak bagi ubat kt awk
Mahal cne pun ce, i will pay if it means u healthy
u running around
kacau org lain
sy rindu awk sgt ce
sgt sgt
I'm a bad caretaker of u, i know maybe u will be better if someone else took care of you.
But one thing i'm certain
I'm very sure that you're very happy here.
With me.
I'm sure of it. Very much.
Because I love you. And even though how much i said i love u,
know that i actually loves you even more
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