Do our dear pets go to Heaven? God answered me:YES
by Natalie .........................................
I want to share my story with everyone who lost their beloved pet, and I am sure that my story will give you a huge relief!
On July 27th 2014 my baby almost 10 year old Persian cat Jipsy had to be put to sleep due to his kidney failure. Our family was heartbroken,I never thought that losing pet could hurt so much. We were trying to go places just not to stay at home, but anywhere we go every second we thought of our little fur ball that we can't see anymore. Every second the part of me was dying inside, it was the end of the world for me.
I tried to look for some answers on the internet, found the story about the rainbow bridge, but then found other opinions that pets don't have souls so they don't go to Heaven, etc. But then I thought that I MUST ask GOD and JESUS this question, because this is the ONLY way I could get the RIGHT answer!!!
Yesterday I came to our bedroom, raised my hands up, started crying and said loudly: "GOD, JESUS, please send me signs where did my Jipsy go??? Please let me know! Does he have soul and he went to Heaven? If yes, will we meet there? If he didn't go to Heaven, can you give me a gift and keep him in Heaven and when it's my time we will be together forever??? PLEASE GIVE ME A SIGN, let me know somehow so I will know the truth and I can start living again???"
So that's what my questions were. Right after that evening I had an idea to go to Michaels Art Store and get some locket ( to put Jipsy's hair that I saved inside). When we went there I found the locket what I was looking for right away and was about to go to cashier when I for whatever reason I felt that I need to check next isle. When I went there my eyes immediately were directed to the the necklace with words: "Gypsy's Soul". Yes, the spelling of my cat's name is a little bit different. But BELIEVE me, God sent me my 1st answer: My cat DOES have soul!!!!! I do not believe in accidents, specially when I asked God to send me signs! But please read further: more answers I received that night:
I see a dream where I am in the living room and I all of a sudden see my Jipsy sitting on my table among my paints ( I am an artist). I know that Jipsy has passed to I realize that this is just my imagination, so I start coming closer and closer to him thinking that at one point he will disappear. But NO, he is still there, then I thought that he will disappear for sure when I touch him, but NO, I feel his fur, pick him up from the table and start hugging and kissing. While doing this I am thinking: "WOW, he is real, but how long we can stay together???" and right away answer appeared :FOREVER( I heard the voice saying that word, I saw this word was written in the air and I felt this feeling of forever with my body) Immediately after word "forever" I woke up in my bad ( it was in the middle of the night) and I felt and I knew that somebody woke me up so I will realize what just happened and remember that! So my second question was answered: WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER.
Now please read the biggest proof: after this dream I felt asleep again and again I see a dream: I see a message written: I cannot recall exact wording of the beginning of this message but it's telling me about one place ( location) and then it says :"There in the Garden of Eden I will be waiting for you" and I see that there is more stuff written but again somebody woke me up! As soon as I woke up I clearly heard noise in a bag in our bedroom ( Jipsy liked sleeping in bag so we still keep one in our bedroom) So my third question was answered: "Jipsy IS in Heaven and is waiting for me there". After all this confirmations, signs and dreams I can assure you: " YES, OUR PETS GO TO HEAVEN AND THEY ARE WAITING FOR US THERE!"
Today was the first day I did not cry or felt pain, because God and Jesus answered all my questions! How can I be sad after that???

I learned something today that Heaven will not be Heaven without those who we love!!!

I hope what God revealed to me will help you too. Please BELIEVE!

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