My little Vinci 🐾
by Narcisa
My little Vinci
I lost my little Vinci. The day I dreaded so much came and it came so unexpected. I wish I had hugged you a little tighter and Longer that morning before I went to work, but I have to understand that God had to take you. I can’t put into words this awful heart wrenching feeling I have. I’m empty, sad, broken, lost. My eyes will soon run out of tears. I can’t take this pain. It hurts so much!!!! I already miss you so much. Your passing is the worst thing I have ever experienced. My little Vinci has left me with beautiful memories and made me the best doggie mommy I could be. Let me explain who this little lady was. God blessed me with her when I was 14 and from then on the adventures and memories for 15 years are infinite. I experienced life with her, from my teenage years to adulthood. I’m happy we made that trip to Ecuador together. She is my best friend, my life partner, my sleeping buddy, she IS MY EVERYTHING. Her sophisticated sassy attitude and sweet loving nature made her one of a kind. She knew when I was happy, angry & sad. She understood me. I will miss her greeting me at the door, with her little tail wagging crazily. Her excitement to see me was unbelievable. She made me feel special. I will always be amazed how this little animal could love me so much. Your love for me was so pure, nothing made you happier than me carrying you around the house telling you about my day. She was my little therapist. She made my day everyday. My favorite part of the day was tucking her in for bedtime, she was my little baby, my little Vinci, she was not just a dog, she was my partner in crime. I’ll never forget all the times you chewed away dads and moms shoes, how you got angry when Camila annoyed you during bed time, how you knocked all the bed billows off as soon as I made the bed, how you would only like to drink from the right side of the bowl, how you followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom and would cry until I let you in. I’ll miss seeing how much you adored your little piggy. I am sending you off to doggy heaven with a piggy and hope soon to be playing catch again my little one. I love you yesterday, today and ALWAYS. You changed my life Vinci. I’m unsure how life will work with out you but I know you will be watching over me. Yes, I know you see me crying day & night but I am broken without you Vinci. But understand that your mommy misses you and can’t understand you’re no longer around. The house feels empty, as little as you were you made your presence known. The spot on the couch, will always be yours. I’ve never felt this way before. Today I cry as I have to depart from you, I’ll miss your greets, I’ll miss your kisses, I’ll miss our talks, I’ll miss our walks, I’ll miss our car rides, I’ll miss cleaning your pee, I’ll miss feeding you, I’ll miss you chasing the crap out of Charlie, ill miss you sleeping next to me, I’ll miss everything. Vinci I made a promise that only you and I know and I’ll keep. I won’t let you down because you are important to me to follow through.
My Vinci Rest In Peace. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! Have fun in doggy heaven my little one. I’ve asked grandma to look out for you until we meet again. Look out for me as I try to figure life without you. I hope soon you greet me up there just like you did here. I can’t wait until I hug you again. This is not a good bye. I love you and you will always be in my heart Vinci. Te amo!

Your mommy always ❤️🐾
- Nachi
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