George’s Next
by Monica
I hope you’ll find us again.
I hope this wasn’t the last of your nine lives.
Or if it is I hope they were all wonderful.
I hope that all your humans were kind and loving to you.
I hope that in your next life
You’ll come back to us
And we’ll care for you
And hold you
And love you
And make sure you have the happiest life.
I hope your tail will still have a mind of its own.
I hope you will still love roses
And corn husks.
I hope you’ll remember
Stealing mom’s water,
Licking dads eggs,
Pulling my shorts down,
Cuddling with Gillian,
Being Snow Cat,
Trying to escape,
And listening to jazz on the way home from the vet.
I hope you’ll remember us.
I hope you’ll be in a better place.
I hope you don’t forget what it’s like to be a Patterson.
I know that
I’ll never forget you
Mom will never forget you
Dad will never forget you
Gillian will never forget you.
Our Curious George “Mary” Washington Patterson.
Till we meet again
My precious kitty.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Monica
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