The cat that dialed the phone number 911 on 9/11
by Molly Maloney
I had a blue pointed Seal Siamese cat named Sav. She liked to help me clean my home. show me what is wrong with my home. She would help me find my misplaced house keys and glasses
one day when came home from work. I called up my boy friend on the phone . We had a nice conversation on the phone. How ever when we sere talking on the phone, my boy friend broke up with me on the telephone. After I finnish talking to him on the phone, I ended up in tears of my boy friend braking up with me. This happened on 9/11 the day of the terrorist attacks of the world trade center of the twin towers in new York city. My cat knocked the phone on the floor. She played with my telephone and called 911. After my cat played with my phone and called 911, the police came to my home rang the door bell to make sure I was ok, that nothing bad had happened to me. I told the police man that I am ok, that I am ok. I told them that I did not call 911 for help. I so I went to my bed room found the phone was on the floor. I told them that my cat Sav played with the phone. the burst out laughing. it was the first time they met a cat owner, who had a cat that played with the telephone, called up the police department 911 on 9/11.

Sav liked to play you and my shadow. follow you, as a game. She liked to play hide and seek with me. chat with me. Sav my Siamese cat liked to attend business meetings at my home. She Blended in to my dark living room furniture. She made my friends laugh because she blended in to my living room furniture. She like to carry on conversations with my friends when they visit me. Sav was a very caring Siamese cat. I miss her very much scince she passed away. during the month of may on the 22 of 2015. I will never forget my cat Sav, my Siamese cat that called 911
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