Pearl my siamese cat hiding on me .
by Molly Maloney
o in April of 2023, My cat went hiding in my apt. I looked all morning long for my cat pearl. I went out side, I still did not find her. I called up my friend to help me find my cat. we looked in the huge dresser could not find her. My brother David came to my apt to help look for my cat after he got home from work in the evening. I called her name my cat did not come to me. at 5:30 p m in the evening I opened the dresser Drawls once again. My cat jumped out of my huge dresser drawl. my friend Edna and I started laughing at her. She covered her self with my clothing, that we could not see her. my cat blended in to my clothing. It ended up that she wanted to go take a long cat nap in my dresser drawl. She was in a sound sleep, that she did not her us calling her name, when she was sleeping in my huge dresser drawl. What a funny prank she played on me and my friend.
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