My Kitten Kelly, Cat Sandy, Sav, Christmas Visits
by Molly Maloney
My cute Chocolate blue pointed seal Siamese cat Sav, decided to take my gray tabby kitten Kelly Francis,my brown and white calico cat Sandy MaGee on Christmas vacation. Sav Called a meeting with my kitten Kelly and my cat Sandy,
at Rainbow Bridge. She got both of them to gather. Sav said to Kelly and Sandy,
that I went to visit our mom Molly October 14th, of this year. Our mom mother died. Our mom was crying in the living room on her couch in her apt. She is mourning the loss of her mom. I need your help, to keep our my from crying on Christmas day, this December. lets leave rainbow bridge go on Christmas Vacation
to visit our mom on Christmas Day. I know where our mom lives. She lives in the State of Virginia. So Sav asked Kelly and Sandy to go with her to visit with mom. They said yes. so they left Rainbow Bridge to come and visit with me.
When I woke up, I saw my kitten Kelly, my cats Sandy and Sav. They told me how much they missed me, I said the same thing. they came up to me gave me head butts, and kisses. They told me that an angel came to them, telling them that your mom's mom died. She needs you to be with her to be with her at Christmas
day, To make her happy at Christmas. So here we are here with on Christmas day.
I told Kelly that i almost didn't recognized you, be cause you be came a full grown cat, not a kitten no more. Kelly gave me a nice cat smile, he said that he is now healthy. he told me how much fun he had playing with Sandy and Sav. he asked me if I received his Christmas present he gave Santa to give to you, lots of hugs and kisses. I told him yes i did get your present. Same with sandy and Sav.
Sandy told me How much he missed me, that he did like the apartment I live in , the state of Virginia. hew liked my Christmas tree. I asked telly if he got my Christmas present from Santa last Christmas he said yes. Same with Sandy and Sav. both said yes they got my gift of love. Then Sandy told me, before you woke up, They Saw pearl your lilac blue pointed Siamese cat, laying on the arm of the couch. Sandy told me that pearl was a very friendly cat, she showed us your bedroom, her bed room where she sleeps. she showed me her hiding places. we had a good time looking out your glass sliding door windows looking what was out side your apt.
Then it was Sav's turn to talk with me. Sav told me how she liked my cat pearl. Sav told me what went on at Christmas day at Rainbow Bridge. Sav told me that they go to church at Christmas day. They go into the recreation area out side the dining area, Sing Christmas carols. in the early evening hour at 5:30 p.m. at Rainbow Bridge The Cats and dogs have Christmas dinner to gather. The Cats eat tuna fish for dinner on Christmas, Same with the dogs. During dinner we talk to each other , talk about how much fun we had playing with each other.
then it was time for Kelly, Sandy, and pearl to cuddle up on the couch with my cat pearl and I. we watched TV, watched a movie A princess for Christmas on the Hallmark channel. Then after the movie was over, Kelly told me it was time for them to go back to Rainbow Bridge. so we all said our good byes. All of us decided to get to gather once again at Christmas at my apt. On Christmas,every year my cats will leave Rainbow bridge to come to visit me. This is a new Christmas tradition that we started for years to come,
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