, Mom,Rainbow bridge is fun place to live
by Molly Maloney
Hi mom it is me Sav, I went to Richmond Va to visit you at your apartment.
You moved out of town moved from Buffalo to Richmond. I came to you to tell you that rainbow bridge is a fun place to live. no more illness, living at Rainbow Bridge.
I must tell you that a gray tabby cat named Kelly Frances, A brown and white calico cat named Sandy Magee came to the bridge of Rainbow Bridge to meet me. They showed me around Rainbow bridge,where the kittens and cats play to gather. there are trees for me to climb. Kelly Francis and and Sandy Magee asked me, do you know Molly Maloney my meowmy? I said yes I do. I said, I did have fun playing cat games with meowmy, did you? They said yes we did have fun with meowmy . They shared their place ware they sleep during the night. How ever I told them I was sad because I miss my meowmy. So they cheered me up, telling me, that one day mom would meet us all at Rainbow Bridge,enter into the gates of heaven together. They even saved a place at the dining hall at the table sitting next to them to eat their breakfast and and dinner.
Then after they showed me around rainbow bridge, they took me to the fields to meet the other cats at Rainbow Bridge. We all went chasing butterflies, played
hide and go seek to gather. we even share our cat toys with other cats.
Then Sav said to me, I am sorry that I had to die with in 5 months of your fathers death. It was too soon for you to have another other loss in your life. I told my cat Sav not to be sorry that you did too soon after my fathers death. It was God"s plan to take you to Rainbow Bridge years later.
My cat Sav told me about Halloween about kittens at rainbow bridge goes tricks and treating for cat snacks, The puppies goes tricks and treating for small dog bones to chew on. At Thanks Giving Dinner The kittens, cats puppies, dogs eat turkey to gather. The day before Christmas St. Nick comes, we give our love to St. Nick, to give to our meowmy and dad , members of their family. This is the best gift to give to them on Christmas day. We celebrate Easter at Rainbow Bridge. Cats and kittens, dogs and puppies. there is a well kept secret at Rainbow Bridge, there is a church for us to go to on Sundays to pray to God and an adore Him.
Sav said to me, meowmy, Your kitten Kelly Francis, Sandy Magee wanted to do something special for you November of 2016. We asked our guardian angel to give
God a special request to make you happy. We all asked our guardian angle to give you a lilac blue pointed Siamese cat named Pearl to take care of. she is declawed., She will have to be rehomed, because her parents couldn't take her to their new home in Washington DC. God answered our request to give you an other cat, meowmy. G
Mom,said Sav, we we all missed you and were unhappy not being with you at your home. Please do not get sad, even though we are not with you any more. We are now all healthy, playing, with our new kitty and cat friends at Rainbow Bridge.
we remember the fun times we had to gather at our home living with you. Please mom be happy for us, remember the fun times you had with us at our home. No more sadness from you. Be happy, we gave you a loving caring cat to take care of. you are not alone any more. Please mom be happy for us, mom., Rainbow Bridge is a fun place to live. Remember mom, we will meet on the bridge of Rainbow Bridge, enter into heaven to gather. Keep on being happy for us mom we will never forget you.

Kelly Francis my tabby cat my calico cat Sandy Magee, my chocolate blue pointed
seal Siamese cat Sav, I will never forget you all. We will meet at the bridge at Rainbow Bridge, enter in to the gate of heaven to gather.
I love you very much, hugs and kisses to you. I love you all.

Your Mom Molly
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