My friend "Pepe"
by Milagros Maldonado
About 4 years ago my sister Yvonne and I were driving from Eagle Pass when we she saw
this small reddish brown Chihuahua mix dog at the side of the road. She stopped the car and went picked him up and put him on my lap and he slept on my lap all the way back to San Antonio. She decided we should named him "Pepe" and he became my companion from them on.I had many dogs on my life but Pepe was very special dog very smart and affectionate.
Unfortunately, since we didnt know how old he was I went to the vet and at the time she thought he was a young dog . But it turned out he was much older and not until recently I found out he was carrying some diseases like Erlichia and possibly Chagra's disease and this ultimately evolved into heart disease that killed him even with medications he was taking. I miss him some much but give thanks to the Lord that allowed me to have him for a short period of time. I love you Pepe RIP!!
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