Without You
by Michelle Santora
It has been one month since we said goodbye,
In that time all I have done is cry.
I miss your face, your fluffy tail too,
I know you loved us, that much I knew.
Without you here, life is sad,
No joy, no smiles, just constant mad.
Why did you leave us, why did you go?
To those questions I will never know.
You were my life, my happy, my love,
To get to me, all others you would shove.
You were my big boy and always will be,
My loss is heaven's eternity.
I pray for you back every single day,
But I know in reality there is no way.
You were ours for only a short while,
But our hearts are with you for every mile.
Till we meet each other one last time,
I will relish that you were mine!
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