Our Dance
by Michelle
Our circle of light
You shined so bright
Touching everyone who could see you
Oh Halo, if you only knew

Your glow, your warmth washed over me
Lifting my soul so I could see
Bringing me purpose, bringing me hope
Mending my heart that just broke

Teaching me to laugh and love once more
Showing me there was something in store
Filling my life with new meaning
The answer to what I had been dreaming

Blaze sent you to save me
So that I could be free
From the sadness and despair
From the emptiness everywhere

Learning to laugh and love again
Opening my heart to a new friend
God had given me a second chance
A new partner, a new dance

Oh the joy you brought me
Oh the things you taught me
Oh the love you gave me
Do you know you saved me

I thought we had more time
I thought you’d always be mine
But God had different plans
He wanted you in his hands

Now I am broken again
Longing for my best friend
Wondering what I did wrong
Trying my best to be strong

If I am meant to be here
Please show me you are near
Surround me in your light
So I know I will be alright

I fear death no more
Because I know who’s at the door
My two boys waiting for me
So I can finally be free

I know your brother is holding you
Loving you like any big brother would do
Caring for you and showing you the way
Until I can be with you some day

I can’t wait to get to Heaven
So I can hold you once again
And we will finally get the chance
To Continue Our Dance

I love you forever, my beautiful Halo
Mommy xoxoxoxo

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