by Michelle Santora
Everywhere we turn we see you,
Where you would lay and things you would do.
When you heard the garage you would run to see,
Who was coming in, daddy or me.
We loved you so much your loss is too much to bear,
We miss you rubbing up against us covering us with hair!
You went through so much in such a short time,
Hip surgeries, and operations but you came through just fine.
But not this last instance, you were too sick,
Out of the blue, it was too quick!!
We only had you for 3 years, but we would never trade that time in,
We can see you now, rummaging through your toy bin!!
You loved new toys without a doubt,
Each bag that came in you had to scout.
Always thinking there was something for you in each one,
You would run to find out if they held some fun.
Treats were another thing that you held dear,
When you knew you were getting one you jumped around with cheer.
It has only been hours since you went to sleep,
But in that while all we do is weep.
We miss our walks, and paw shakes too,
Just remember Timber, we will always LOVE and miss you!!
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