by Megan
I'm in the yard with Dad when I see the gate open. I see Mom, Brother, and Sister. "Sister! Sister! Where were you? Did you miss me?" I said limping over to her. She runs to me, wrapping her arms around me. She looks sad. Mom pulls one of those things that humans always have. What is it? A phone? Yeah, a phone. I sit down on Sister's leg despite the pain that shoots through me. "Sister is something wrong?" Eventually they ask if I would like to go for a ride. I don't like rides, they usually mean going to the needle place. Dad picks me up and places me in the car in between Brother and Sister. We end up at the needle place. Dad picks me up again and brings me inside. We sit in the tan room for a few minutes then go to the white room. The white room is where the needles are. We all go inside and I see two humans that I don't know. I am set down on the metal table. The humans are talking but I stop paying attention when the metal table rises. It stops and I see one of the humans bring a needle. They lay me down and put the needle in one of my front legs. Sister is in front of me. She tells me over and over again that I am a good boy and that she was happy she could be with me. She was crying. I feel the pain from my hips disappear. It feels so good. I start to get tired and Sister tells me it's okay to sleep. As I close my eyes I hear her say, "I love you Harley." I open my eyes and see a tunnel with a white light at the end. "Sister!? Sister where are you!?" I say as I look around. I then see a dog come into the tunnel from the light. Is it? No it can't be. It is! Roxie! It's Roxie! "Roxie!" I shout running to her. She looks at me with her crossed eyes, "It is good to see you again my old friend, but I need you to follow me." She turns around and walks into the light. I follow and realize that I no longer feel any pain. We emerge in a meadow of beautiful flowers. "Roxie, where are we?" I ask her. "We are at the Rainbow Bridge," She tells me. "Will I see sister again?" I ask. "Someday Harley, Someday.."
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