Dunking letter
by Maureen M
Dunkins letter
Well I think today is the day to go to the bridge and see all of my friends. It has to be .. I snapped at my mommy. I've never ever growled at mommy .. Or anyone else in my beloved den family. I love love love my humans!!!

But my kidneys have shut down over time little by little until I became so weak my mommy and daddy took me to the vet. I'm glad mommy and daddy never put me through all those tests and procedures .. We as a species were not meant to live like humans. We are dogs. We are different .. We are better ...stronger.. We know when it's time to go and it's not when those silly guys in their white coats say so.. No wonder we all freak out when we go there !!

But the last one mommy and daddy took me to actually helped me in the way I needed it.. But even that would have been ok if it didn't happen.. It just made it quicker..He injected me with a sleep/pain med (I didn't even feel it I was so weak) and it was there that I lay in one of my favorite blankets .. Comfy .. With mommy whispering her love and gratitude to me and reassuring me that she was ok if I left and that I was the best dog ever and her best friend forever. I really needed to hear that .. I wasn't leaving until I heard it..and truly believed her. She said it three months ago but I couldn't leave then.. I didn't believe her yet.. I had to stay with her because I knew she wasn't ready to let me go... So I stayed for awhile.. 3 months..And I just couldn't go on.. I Was old and tired.

But she whispered those words again today and I heard her words this time. I knew that she really really meant that she would be ok, So I began to let go.. I fell fast but lovingly into the most wonderful comfortable deep rest I've ever known. Mommy was whispering and comforting me the whole time. I know I've done my job for them. I was an excellent companion.

While I was letting go I remembered all the fun we had. My faves were walks in the park, catch with daddy everyday, leaping in the snow, eating popcorn and pupperoni :), but the best was ..waiting for rotisserie chicken scraps (omg I was in heaven!!!), and sleeping with my daddy at night in bed.. I even loved when Steven walked me when he got home from school. I loved Hershey, chip, and Lucy, and even skippy who was really a pain in my ass! Really skippy ? Zat all ya got? Woof! Er I mean Woos!!

Even though I hated baths I loved when mommy wrapped me in warm blankets after and then running around cuz I felt so light n clean n airy. I really was "rocket dog!"

I hope my pack allows themselves to once again receive the love we dogs are absolutely programmed to given to them. They are an awesome den and I highly recommend them to be gifted once again caring for one of us because we are all angels sent directly from God to take care of these knuckleheads..and my pack .. Well they were great knuckleheads.. The most important thing I loved most was that my den did not involve doctors in my care too much. As a species, We have always been ok before vets and will be now. We don't need tests procedures and cutting us open and treating us like humans .. We don't need wills and estates .. Really? bequeathments? Really? They got it, my pack. Not too many of them get it.

I'm ok mommy .. You can let go now. Go mommy .. Get another angel.. I will send one to you. Keep an eye out. The angel is near.. I love you and miss you. Always. Dunkin xoxoxoxo
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