Juno my sweet girl
by Mary Perini
We lost Juno yesterday. She just turned 10 years old. She was with us since she was 5 months old. Juno showed affection by bumping heads with us. I can't believe she's gone! We loved her so much. A few months ago Juno lost her appetite and completely stopped eating her dry food she loved. I took her to her normal vet. The vet said she probably just has allergies. She gave her a shot and Juno started eating canned food. But she kept on vomiting. I took her back to the vet and she was put on anti nausea pills. She would do good for awhile and then lose her appetite again so then she would get another shot and so on and so forth. She kept on losing weight though. I knew it could be the end of her life but never thought of it seriously. I should've never listened to the vet. I should've got a second opinion. Fast forward to a few days ago Juno stopped eating and drinking completely despite getting a shot from the vet. The vet couldn't get her in to an appointment until next Thursday so I scrambled to find a vet who could take her that same day. We got in and they said Juno was very dehydrated and she had a large lump in her abdomen. They did radiology on her and found a huge lump in her colon. The vet did surgery to see if she could remove the tumor from her colon but it was too big at this point. She said if it was found earlier it would've been a much better outcome. I was in tears all day yesterday for my sweet beautiful Juno. We decided to wake her from surgery so we could say one last goodbye. Juno was so small from her losing weight. She couldn't even meow she was still groggy from the surgery. She was wrapped in a blanket and shivering. She seemed confused. I didn't want to let her go. I couldn't believe what was happening. I wanted to bring her home and have her on morphine like they do with hospice patients but the vet said she will probably still be in pain. So we decided euthanasia. I said I loved you and gave you to the vet tech. Why didn't I go in with you? I should've been there when you left this world. God, why? I should've been with my sweet girl at the time of her leaving. I regret it so. We took you home in the cat carrier and brought you to the backyard. I saw your lifeless body and cried out. You should've been in the house meowing at me for some milk like you usually did. We buried you in one of our blankets. I wrote a letter to you today and read it to you. Then put it in an envelope and buried it with you. I'm so sorry Juno. You should still be here with us healthy and happy. I miss you so much already. I had no idea that when I took you to the vet yesterday you would never be back. I'm so sorry Juno. I love you so much. We had so many fond memories and you helped me get through a deep dark depression. Your love was unconditional and I loved you and knew you more than many people in my life. Your loss is so great to me. Your life was so important to me. You are my family. You're like my child and people just don't get that.
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