by Mark Cole

After so many years, but much too quick
The hips are sore
The eyes a bit cloudy
But the tail still wags with the energy and excitement of a puppy
We don’t want to admit the fear that starts to creep into our hearts
We want to ignore it, but we know truth

I give credit to Blemie who wrote in his Will that said it so well, better than I
The sadness is real but never again is a dishonor to those that loved without question

We need the craziness, the tumbleweeds, the crowding on the bed
A best friend that patiently listens to our problems, when not a word is understood.
Knows when we are sad and wants to comfort us
And asks only for the soft touch of your hand

I don’t understand why dogs have this love for us that requires so little in return
I hope I’ve given every single wag the equal love it deserves
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