Sadness...Nami Love
by Maria Riza
It has been a week...
Part of me went gray
You made my knees weak
So passed away

Morning greetings, innocent smiles
Chomps, barks, plays...your usual styles
Now crying a river, don't know how and why
Not a single sign, you would leave me by

Asking questions...blaming sometimes
Loved ones comfort from time to time
Feels better...yes... for a while
Thinking of you with a tearful smile

Tell me Nami...why gone so soon...
That quiet night that made me gloom
Is my love not enough to make you stay
Much longer to hug you in every way

Run Free now, My Nami dear...
Doggies around welcome you with cheer
In a Rainbow Bridge...they'd say a Heaven for You
See you in my dreams...and tell me it's true

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Maria Riza
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