For Callebaut
by Margaret Duddy
From the very first day he purred like a motor
With his head tucked under my chin
In the morning he'd lay across my chest
And purr - how each day would begin

In the evening as I came through the door
He would meet me coming down the stairs
Time for a snuggle each and every day
A sweet greeting beyond compare

Over the years he began to slow
And play time gave way to a nap
But still at the end of every day
Where he'd end up was in my lap

It is true that time's not always sweet
To us or our pets - so we sigh
And hope for the best as the clock ticks away
And the years go rolling on by

There were times when problems arose
We battled bad teeth and disease
That little dark kitty with a lion's heart
Stood fast through it all, purred for me

Each big bad thing that came along
We would meet with research and care
There was always some way to get back ahead
And return to times better and fair

As with all things the clock must win
And with Bobo it happened as well
The disease came on in such big strides
Thus began a slow trip through Hell

I watched each month as he lost a bit more
From robust and solid shrunk down
To be frail and gaunt, almost weight less
He just couldn't keep any food down

For nineteen years he would be right there
On the bottom stair to say hello
But today he won't be there, nor tomorrow too
He was so sick I had to let him go

Now he's running and playing in Heaven's fields
My next snuggle session will be
When he meets me on my way up those stairs
To heaven, and purring he'll be
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