🐾My Beloved Mijo 🐾
by Madeline
Mijo it's been two months since you departed from me, there's not a moment in my day that I don't feel your presence. Every where I look I see you my precious fur baby. I miss you so very much.🐾🐾
This weekend it snowed, I could see you playing in the snow the way you enjoyed running around and then would come in the house with four snowballs of ice on your paws, I would pick you up in my arm like a baby and go melt away the icesnowballs from your paws. What wouldn't I do for you.
You were such a lovable little dog. You gave me so much love and happiness in so many ways.
You left me with a lifetime full of memories, as much as I miss you, I know you're no longer suffering. So
Rest In Peace my Beloved Mijo..Enjoy playing in the meadow with all your new friends in doggie heaven
💔Mama will always and forever loves you💔
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