by Elena Lowery
This story is about our dog, String Bean. The day our two dogs Buba & Sandy had their puppies, I was right there ready and waiting. This was new to me so I didn't know what to expect. The first 3 came out fine, but something was wrong, there was something still there.. Why wasn't it coming? I kept looking and waiting, still nothing! So I reached in and pulled and out popped STRING BEAN. She wasn't breathing so I cupped her face to my mouth and blew... and she started to move. Thank God! And our lives together began. She was more energetic than the rest. We found good homes for the other Dogs and puppies and we kept her. They were all strays people had let out on the side of the road. We'd bring them home and feed, bathe and doctor them and try to find them good homes. String was a part of us. She done almost everything with us. Most times if we couldn't take her we wouldn't go. She ate what we ate and slept where we slept. She was one of a kind. Everything we give to her she gave back more. She loved to bark more than she loved to eat! She was a very healthy dog. She had a few skin problems that we regulary took her to the vet for but other than that she was healthy and happy. Around 13 years old, she started showing signs of aging, hearing, sight and arthritis, but she didn't slow down much, she was still wide open. At 15, we had to rush her to the hospital one day because she seem to be having a seizure. He said it could be a brain tumor or an ear infection. She seem to get better on the medicine for a while, then other things started happening. One week she'd be fine, the next, she'd be ill. We had her at the vet's about every other week. By her 16th birthday, we had found out she had a mass around her kidney. The vet was still trying different things to see if she'd get better. Everyone was telling us, we should have her put to sleep. I would say: She'll let us know when she is ready to give up... and She did. On the night of December 12th, 2004., she started having really bad seizures. I told her it was ok to leave us, but she wouldn't.... We hadn't heard her bark in over a year, that night, she was screaming in pain. I stayed up with her all night. when the vet's office opened, I called and told him we were bringing her in... he knew why...We set in a room so quite while she laid in my arms looking up at me. He gave her the shot and I kissed her and she closed her eyes.... God's holding her now, until we met again... We gave her a beautiful service and buried her in our back yard. Rest in peace my angel. 09/20/86 - 12/13/02 She's let me know on two different occasions, that she is thinking of us and she is well. She LOVED twinkies. The day affter we buried her, we seen a sign that read, DEEP FRIED TWINKIES! I've never heard of them before. Another time I was very upset and crying and I told her I just wish I could be sure that she was alright. The radio was playing Christmas music and out of the blues a song came on about a little bird, made new and flying up into the rafters (Heaven). Again she was telling me I'm ok Mommy.
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