Sonny: blonde love on 4 paws
by Louise Shepherd
I truly feel sorry for those who will never know or understand the bond between a pet and their person. I don't say human because that somehow makes the pet sound inferior. This is a relationship that is based on love, trust and respect from both parties. This bond will last a lifetime and when it is broken, the sadness is profound.

I know this first hand. I have lost several dogs and it is never easy. Each was a different personality but each shared the same noble characteristics of the dog: fearlessly loyal, deeply loving and forgiving of our shortcomings.

I just lost my sweet Sonny. He was the offspring of 2 of my dogs. I held him as he entered the world and sadly, I cradled him in my arms as he left it.

Sonny was a small cocker spaniel. He was blonde and had the most beautiful, soulful, brown eyes. He was small in size but a giant in his mind. He took on anything that entered our yard; racoons, possums, fox, snakes and turtles. He was a little gentleman around people, polite and quiet. When he was a puppy he let my granddaughter put him in a doll stroller and would patiently sit through her tea parties. He kept watch of the comings and goings on the street from the wide window ledge of a bay window. But each and every night he slept next to me. I always had a great sense of security because nothing ever came near the house that he wasn't aware of. Sonny brought me joy, love and ever other positive emotion a human can have.

Someone said you should try to be the person your dog thinks you are. I would like to believe I was but know in my heart that I fall short. For only a dog understands unconditional love; humans sadly put caveats on it. Sonny gave me his love as a gift and I hope I gave him back enough of mine.

Time is the great enemy of our pets. Their lives too short and our hearts too often broken when we lose them. When you hold that sweet, squirming puppy for the first time somehow you know that one day you must say good-bye way too soon. But thankfully that does not stop us from bringing them into our lives.

My little baby had a massive stroke and my vet said there was little hope for any type of recovery. As I held Sonny when the vet gave the first shot to relax him I felt him go limp in my arms. The vet told me he was able to hear me and I told him how much I loved him and how I shall miss him every day til I die and can see him again. And I thanked him for his 15 years of devotion and love and for being my bed buddy every night. What is there to say that will ever be enough? All the cliches sound hollow.

Good-bye darling Sonny. I keep thinking there are no more tears to cry but yet they come. Someone told me cockers are stupid. I didn't love Sonny because he could do tricks like Lassie. I loved him because he loved me. What more could I ask.
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