Goodbye Harvey-Moon
by Loraine
Goodbye Harvey-Moon 19/10/2002-18/09/2017
I know the time is getting close when you and I must say farewell,
but I need to know I got it right and did my best for you.
It’s hard to know exactly when it’s time to let you cross the bridge,
not knowing if I got it right, will break my heart in two.
Some days you really struggle, you seem so lost and alone, yet other days
you bound around and seem like the old Harvey-Moon.
I know I can’t let you suffer, I must be brave for you and yet I’m terrified that I may send you off too soon.
People keep on telling me, when the time is right for you to run free
that somehow, I will know.
I took you to the vet today, although I think I knew what he would say, the kindest thing
for me to do was just to let you go.
I wanted just to take you home and spend more time with you, to tell the vet that
he was wrong, we had more time together.
But then I looked at your tired eyes and knew the time was right, so I gave consent
for you to leave me forever.
As if in a dream I hugged you tight and I whispered words of comfort, I told you
to go and be at peace and run free.
Even though inside I was screaming no, which is selfish I know, but I’m not sure I know
how to carry on if Harvey is not here with me.
Now I sit at home with no Harvey-Moon here and suddenly the house seems completely
empty, you were always around.
So with sadness I never knew I could feel and tears that won’t stop, I sit here and wait for a hole to be dug
so we can bury you in the ground.
We wrapped you in a soft warm blanket and will lay you to rest in the garden you loved to play in
with a ball and your toys.
I will get a special tree to plant over you and make a special commemorative garden for the most
precious of my beautiful boys.
I know that you will be watching over me, and you won’t want to see me so sad, so Il remember the wonderful
times that we lived through.
I will never ever forget you, and my love for you will go on, god bless you my darling and keep you safe till
once again I can meet up with you.
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