To our Sammy "PAWS" Lozowski
by Lisa Lozowski
Just shy of 3 years ago my sister asked if we could take her friends cat, he was older and they did not want to put him in a shelter to live out the rest of his life. Though we had 2 cats already my husband and I said sure we will take him. Our first response was "what is that" when he arrived at our house in a small carrier. He looked like a lion, a big orange fur ball with large paws. He and Manual (who recently passed away) were immediate friends, they would chase each other around the house and fight over the chair by the fireplace on cold winter evenings. Sammy would lay on hubby's chest so he couldn't see the TV and loved catnip toys. He would always let you know when he was bringing you a present which was always a toy that he would leave in a pile. Ivan the hamster would keep him entertained for hours. We have no idea what happened, we brought him to the groomers on Friday for his Lion cut and on Saturday he was not doing well. We watched him and then made a phone call to the vet on Sunday. He was put on medicine and we were told to call on Monday. Monday morning came and he was not doing any better, so my husband brought him to the vet where he was hospitalized. Later that day we got the dreaded call, he was having kidney failure and there were signs of Lymphoma in his blood work. We told them to keep him overnight and hoped for the best. Today a decision had to be made, he was not getting better. We just wanted to say bye to our beloved Sammy "Paws" Lozowski who for the past few years have made us laugh and today made us cry. You will always be loved and missed.
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