The History of Minnie Me
by Lisa Lozowski
On Wednesday the unexpected happened our cat Minnie Me had to be laid to rest. In February 2012 I was unloading groceries and when I was in the carport I saw a cat that looked exactly like our inside cat Manuel (who passed away last year). I was like oh no I can’t believe Manuel got out, I was down on the ground trying to get what I thought was Manuel so that I can bring him back in the house. I finally got the cat into the basement. In the light I noticed the cat was in fact not Manuel. I was like “oh this isn’t good”, the cat looked at me meowed and ran around the basement. We decided to keep her and since she looked just like Manuel we called her Minnie Me. She enjoyed her blankets, keeping her butt warm next to the fire in the winters and sitting in the many window perches around the house. She loved watching our hamster Ivan and treat time. Unfortunately as time passed she developed a Thyroid condition which we were treating then in July she was diagnosed with kidney disease. We knew that she only had about a year or two but we did everything to make her comfortable. On Wednesday I went to feed her in the morning and noticed that she was acting very strange. I told my husband and by mid-morning he called the vet. He did get an appointment for later in the afternoon and that is when we were told she developed a heart murmur which caused a blood clot. She will always be a part of our hearts and will be missed forever. Rest in peace my little girl mommy and daddy love you.
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