My Sweet Baby Girl Charity Rose
by Lisa Mazzochi

Charity Rose Mazzochi

My Sweet Baby Girl Charity,
You and your sister Faith were born on Valentine’s Day. Valentine means strong and healthy. You were healthy for most of your life (that you allowed us to see) except for mainly the month of August 2023. You developed a fast-growing tumor on your right hind thigh…. the dreaded CANCER. High Grade Mast Cell Tumor. I had a sick feeling when you started coughing about 2weeks ago that it was in your lungs. Your Mommie should have trusted her instincts and had a chest radiograph done. All the doctors were hopeful that you would be around for a year to a year and a half. We thought chemo would give you more time with us, but I guess you had other plans. I know you missed your sister Faith after she died on May 13, 2022, from metastatic hemangiosarcoma and your big sister Hopie TOO!!, that died from lung cancer on April 20, 2018. You and Faith were such a bonded pair, that you were extremely shut down after her passing. You missed her so much that you wanted to be with Faith again. I got two new little sisters for you, Sage and Willow, hoping you would be happy again. Well, it worked! Your little tail nub was wagging so fast. But that only lasted 10 minutes when you realized that they were not leaving. I would have done anything for you Charity, but like your 4 sisters before you that all died of cancer, luck was not on your side.
It still seems so strange that when I get up in the morning, take a shower and walk out of the bathroom, that I don’t see you lying in bed. You always waited until the last second to get out of bed before we left for the day. But I have to believe that you are in a better place.

Charity, your name means love, kindness and affection. Your middle name Rose means LOVE, and you certainly loved your sister Faith and I know you loved ME because you were always by my side (like my shadow), not wanting to be away from me. But now, you have left me, but more importantly, you are once again reunited with your sisters Faith and Hopie TOO!!, FOREVER and EVER. We had many adventures and soooo many laughs that I will miss them all dearly. There is a HUGE hole in my heart that will never be filled again. Be free my girl and remember that your Mommie “HAS YOU!”

LOVE YOU ALWAYS, YOUR MOMMIE, Sage Harper and Willow Grace.

Dear Mommie,

You are and were my PERSON. You did everything for me and gave me soooo much. I was the lucky one to have you in my life for 9 ½ years. I know you wanted more time with me, but it wasn’t meant to be. I had a journey that only I could make. This past month was a little strange for me. I was slowing down a bit and up until my last few days, my appetite had been great. I even let you spoon feed me to make you happy. My tummy was always full, and I was never cold or too hot in the summer. You kept our home like an ice box!! I know my last two days were difficult for you. You watched me breathing harder than normal, thinking that my pain medication for my leg was wearing off. I was so glad that you were by my side. You helped me down the steps. You laid down next to me and your hand was always touching me when we slept on that big giant bed you had for all of us. Because, you know, Faith and I took up ¾ of it leaving you only a little tiny part!
When you brought me back to the hospital, I was a little afraid when they took me from you. When they brought me back, I was so happy to see you, but I could see TEARS in your eyes. You laid down on the floor next to me, held me tight in your arms, petted me and told me how much you LOVED ME. I felt relaxed in your arms. I never wanted you to cry. It was my job to ALWAYS make you feel better, just like you made me feel in 9 ½ years. I know the lady wearing doctor pants had given you some bad news about me. When she left the room, I was glad to spend the rest of what time I had left with you and Aunt Candy. When the lady with the doctor pants came back into the room, I was breathing really hard. I heard you tell me that I was such a good girl and that I was LOVED by soooo many people. Then the lady with the doctor pants knelt down beside me and gave me some medication. I started to fade into unconsciousness. You were the last person that I saw, MY PERSON. Even after my final injection, my heart continued to beat for YOU, Mommie. When my heart stopped beating, I turned around and started walking towards The Rainbow Bridge. I turned around one last time and I watched you holding me soooo tightly, not wanting to let me go. I could hear you tell my EARTHLY body “How much you loved me and what a good girl I was.” I heard you say, “Don’t worry CHARITY…. I HAVE YOU.” So, I turned towards the BRIDGE again, because I could hear my SISTERS and friends calling my name.
Now, I know the next few days, weeks and months will be difficult for you, but I just want you to know that I took all of your tears that were on my face with me to The Rainbow Bridge. So, DON’T WORRY MOMMIE….. I HAVE YOU with me FOREVER!! I know you said that you didn’t have a favorite, but I know that I was your favorite child!

P.S. Tell Willow and Sage that I did LOVE THEM. I also watched Sage climb into my casket to say GOODBYE to me. Then Sage and Willow started to cover me up with the blanket with their noses. Mommie, I know in my heart that they will eventually be good girls just like ME and Faith. They are still young, so be patient with them like you were with us. One day let them take my spot on the bed with you so you won’t be lonely. Though you may not feel me, I’ll still be lying right by your side the whole time.

Love Always, your girl, Charity Rose


A life too short by Lisa Mazzochi DVM
Faith Alexandria Mazzochi
My Dear Faith,
You and your sister Charity Rose were born on Valentine’s Day 2014. Valentine means strong and healthy. Little did I know on that day that I would be doing the whole puppy thing again and bring home two pups eight weeks later. The next task was what to name you. You were named after another Faith that I am sure you have already met by now at the Rainbow Bridge. Faith means complete trust, devotion and confident. You were all that and more. You gave me nothing but complete trust and devotion. You were always by my side, especially over these last four months. Even as sick as you were, you licked away my tears as I cried and held you.
You had to have your own middle name. So, I gave you the name Alexandria, which means defender of mankind, impressive, elegant and noble, powerful and complete, and lastly, a desire to lead. You might not have been a defender of mankind, but you always defended your sister Charity and was there for everyone that loved you. You had such an impressive and elegant stance that said, “Hey Look At ME!” You always led your sister on numerous adventures, the last one being in the Catskills of NY. You both had such a good time on the hiking trails with your two best buddies, Parker and Dakota. You both had the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
At 8 months of age when you were diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia, I was devastated. I was going to find the best hip doctor to help you. And your Mommie did. Even though your hips were very bad, the vet in NY said he wasn’t going to put new hips in you until you needed them. Just like your middle name, you had an elegant and powerful bounce to your step and a well-defined muscular conformation to your hips. Nope, no new hips for you yet. You were POWERFUL, just like your name.
Through our many adventures, trials and tribulations over the next 7 years, we had a blast. You were so funny and inquisitive. You and your sister did get into some trouble. The big one was when you both opened a new bag of dog food and ate 7 pounds of a 25-pound bag and was vomiting food for nearly 2 days. You did not like the pool though. You did however like the hose and destroyed at least 7-10 spray nozzles over the years. Sometimes more than 2 in a summer. You didn’t like car rides either. You usually would vomit or have a bowel movement at the most inappropriate time (like when your Mommie had nowhere to pull over to clean it up). You were always thrilled when we got to our destination though.
On January 17, 2022, when you wouldn’t get off the couch after lunch, I knew something was wrong. I was hoping it was just another flare up of your hip dysplasia. I knew something was more serious when I saw your lymph node was enlarged on your rear leg. Then when I lifted you up onto the exam table you cried in pain when your belly was touched. In the back of my mind, I had a sick feeling that it was most likely a Hemangiosarcoma of your spleen. We got that diagnosis 2 days later, on January 19, 2022. You were so brave throughout the whole process. Your chances of survival were grave. You could die that night or maybe days to weeks later. Even if the doctors surgically removed your spleen to stop the bleeding, the cancer had already metastasized to your liver and lymph nodes, and you would have maybe weeks to a few months. I didn’t want to put you through surgery and suffer in pain with what little time you had left in your precious life. I made the decision to bring you home and waited for you to tell me when you were ready to take that journey that only you could make by yourself to the Rainbow Bridge.
As today (May 13, 2022) ends with your death, those of us left behind do not know how to go on without you. The truth is, is that the minute that you were born, is when you started to die. For some, it takes many years, but in your case, my dear Faith, you only had 3,011 days to live your beautiful life here on Earth. You had a great life. You know your Mommie always wanted more time with you. Charity and I were blessed to have you with us for 8 years and 3 months.
I am so sorry Faith. You were and always will be a great dog and your sister Charity is lost without you next to her every day and night. I know that you are watching over your sister because your name means DEVOTION and you were devoted to her as she was to you. I am sure that your namesake Faith, along with her sister Hope, and the one dog that got you through your first 4 years of life, Hopie Too!!, were there to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge and are guiding you the rest of the way until we all meet again. Faith Alexandria, I miss and love you so much and I will think of you every day. We had a fantastic life, and I was so proud to call you, MY DAUGHTER.
Did I tell you that I LOVE you TODAY? I’m going to LOVE you more TODAY than I did YESTERDAY, and I’m going to LOVE you more TOMORROW than I did TODAY.

Love, Hugs and Kisses
Your Mommie Lisa and your sister Charity Rose

Hopie's Life by Lisa Mazzochi DVM Hopie TOO!! Mazzochi
In Loving Memory of my Rescue Girl “Hopie TOO!!”
Dear Mommie,
I don’t remember that much of my former life before meeting you. What I do remember was not pretty. I was kept outside, tied to a tree, and stared for three weeks losing half of my body weight.
I was taken to a place where there were a lot of other dogs. I found out later that I was now a Cumberland County SPCA dog. The people there must have thought that I was something special because they told you about me. I remember you came to see me, so I knew I had to make a good impression. I saw you smile and I know I had a big smile on my face. Then you brought your dog Faith tin to see me. I’m thinking to myself, this is getting better and better. I really hit it off with Faith. But then, I went back to my kennel not knowing why. The people at the shelter were still hopeful for me that I would get adopted.
Then about a week later you came BACK. This time you brought someone else with you. You got me out of my kennel, so this other lady could see me. I was so happy to see you. When this other lady saw me, she started to cry and said that I looked like “Hope” and that you had to get me out of here. I did so many butt wiggles that I swear I could feel the building shake!
So, you told the staff you would take ME! On Friday, April 13, 2012, I was spayed and then picked up by that same lady who became my Aunt Candy. I went from “Goochie Pooh” to my new name “Hopie TOO!!” because I was almost the spitting image of your Original “Hope”.
My life was FOREVER changed on Friday the 13th. That was my LUCKY DAY!! I was no longer living outside and my belly was always full. I never knew that I could be loved soooo many people and other pets like me. I won Dog Of The Year in October 2013 at the CCSPCA and TOP DOG at the CCSPCA and Wheaton Arts show in April 2014 because of my story and you not giving up on me. What a wonderful life you gave me. I have so many furry friends. You brought me two new sisters, Faith and Charity, so I wouldn’t be lonely after the original Faith went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I got to sleep on the couch and a great big bed. I went swimming in the pool (even though I didn’t like that one bit). I really enjoyed playing with the pool backwash hose and the sprinkler hose. I didn’t mind getting wet at all. I ENJOYED IT!!
But now, six years later, my life is coming to an end. You have been trying everything to treat my heart condition, but lung cancer took me earlier than expected. My heart will always belong to you Mommie. My body is so tired, and it is time for me to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Faith and meet my namesake “Hope”. I see you crying all the time. I don’t want you to be sad for me, but to cherish the wonderful life you gave me. I had the BEST SIX YEARS of my short life. Six years of constant love, no abuse or mistreatment, never hungry, never hot or cold, only a beautiful and wonderful life.
You gave me everything you had, but most important, you gave me LOVE! Before I left this world, you gave me my favorite treat “Frosty Paws”. I no longer had an appetite, but I didn’t refuse that. One last treat for the long road to the Rainbow Bridge. I will always remember you Mommie, Aunt Candy, Faith, Charity, Koal, Vickie, and Snowie. I loved you all from the very first day we met. Please don’t forget about me!!
My Sweet Hopie,
I will miss you soooo much. I will try not to cry, but you know that will be hard for me. The hardest thing that I had to do was to let you go and be at peace. I knew it was only a matter of time before you would become a resident crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge. When there was no longer a smiling face or a butt wiggle, I knew it was time to let you go. You were just too weak. I couldn’t watch you struggle to breathe any longer. I hope that you can forgive me for doing this on last deed. I would have given my own heart and lungs to save you. I miss you being by my side protecting me all day and night. Now there is only emptiness. I hope that in the near future I will remember all the happy memories we shared. I will remember you forever. I hope that you will remember me and wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Be well and free my sweet girl. We will all love you FOREVER.
Loved by Mommie Lisa and sisters Faith and Charity

Goodbye my Sweet Faith by Lisa Mazzochi......................................... Faith Mazzochi
10/27/2000 - 09/07/2012
In Loving Memory of my "Precious Faithie"
Dear Mommie,
I want to thank you for giving me and my sister Hope a furever home on 12/14/2000. I pretty much knew that you were going to be my new Mommie when I climbed onto your lap and gave you a hug and kiss that first day I met you. I was even more grateful when you asked to take Hope with me.
I remember when we were growing up that you never thought we would learn our names or walk on a leash, but, WE DID. Or how we would wander off into the woods and you would have to call for a search party to come find us. We heard you calling for us but we were investigating our surroundings. We learned real quick to come when you called our names!
I will always remember how much you gave us. From our annual Birthday/Halloween costume parties for us and our friends. We had toys galore, so many that we had to share with our friends. You even went so far as to give us an inground heated pool to help with our arthritis, (well, mainly Hope because I didn't like to get wet). But all we really needed was your Love, and, we got that and soooo much more. Not just from you but from everyone who knew us.
I will always remember how you tried to comfort me after Hope died. She was such a big part of my life and I was lost without her. I was never really the same since she left me. When I almost died on January 7th 2012 from a mass in my intestines, you said goodbye to me before my surgery. I knew that I had to come back for you because you weren't ready to lose me yet, I wasn't ready to leave you, and Hope was not ready for me to be with her either.
But now it is time for me to say Goodbye, because my frail body can no longer hold on anymore. I will miss you so very very much Mommie, and yes, I will also miss Hopie TOO, my new sister for the last 4 months. Don't be sad when you think of us because we are not there. We want you to laugh and smile because you had us in your life. And besides, we think that Hopie TOO is going to keep you very busy! We will always LOVE YOU.
Love always, your Faithie girl

P.S. Dear Mommie, I have found Hope and we are so happy that we are together again. We are free of pain, and playing again like we have never been apart for these last three years.

Dear Faith,
I am so glad that you and Hope are together again. I do miss the both of you so very much. When I look up at the sky at night I will think of fond memories of you both. I will always keep you both tucked away in my heart forever.
Faith & Hope, You Will Always Be Loved By Your Mommie and Hopie TOO.

A tribute to Hope Mazzochi was written on Sunday August 23, 2009

10/27/2000 - 05/30/09
In Memory of my "Sweet Hopie Girl"

You came to me on 12/11/2000 a scared shy pup in the back of a crate. I gave you and your sister Faith a "FOREVER HOME" three days later. You both grew up into beautiful ladies. You brought so much joy into my life since that day. Yes, you gave your Mommie some heartaches but I would do it all over again to have you back. You never "WANTED" for anything. I took care of you the best I could. The only thing we couldn't hurdle together was your brain tumor and for that I am profoundly sorry.
I want to Thank You for making me smile and your many wet kisses everyday. You were the first thing I saw in the morning (only because you insisted on resting your head on my pillow) and the last thing I saw at night. My days were so much brighter with you in it. You were the glue that held us all together. I was the lucky one to have you in my life for 8 short years.
I want to Thank You for making me laugh so hard that my belly hurt. For playing hide and seek and always knowing where to find me. For how special you made me feel when no one else could. How you were always glad to see me when I came home and the look of love and admiration in your beautiful eyes.
I want to Thank You for licking my tear drops away when I cried and letting me hold you as you slept. For keeping me safe at night knowing you would give your life for me and I for you.
I want to Thank You for allowing all the children of "Puppy Tales" to read to you each month even if it was the same story over and over again. For giving them kisses and making them feel special. For touching so many human lives and having so many "furry friends" that they too will miss and feel your loss.
I want to Thank You for listening to me rant and rave at times and giving me that look that said "Everything will be ok Mom beacuse I'm here and I love you." For all the unconditional love
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