Memories of Manuel
by Lisa Lozowski
Back in late June early July 2002 my husband and I made a trip to a local shelter in search of a loving cat since we had just lost Mr. Muscles. And there he was a black and white cat named Yammy and we fell in love immediately. On the way home all he did was scream and drool all over the place what a ride. At home, he terrorized our other cat Muffie and had a field day with all of the wood molding in the house. But none the less he was an awesome cat. He loved attention, slept with you and wow he could eat. After awhile the name Yammy just didn't work so we changed it to Manuel (Manny for short) and because he was always getting into trouble he heard his new name a lot so it stuck. Over the years he has been a loving pet, he even loved our hamster Ivan who became his playmate. He loved to chase squirrels up the screen door which was just hysterical. We never had a shortage of funny Manuel stories. Unfortunately today after thinking long and hard, we decided to have Manuel put to sleep. At 16+ years old and having diabetes his health took a turn for the worst. He could no longer really stand and was not eating, the vet concurred that we were doing the right thing. Though we miss him terribly and he will always be in our hearts we would still love to have him here with us. This is to you Manuel, may you rest in peace.
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