A Beautiful Friendship
by Lindsey
I miss you on the bed taking up the entire king mattress,
if I'd known your hair would be gone so soon, I would've vacuumed a little less.

I wish I had more time with you, I thought you'd live longer.
Please come back and visit often, help me be stronger.

The sound of your bark is fading from my memory,
I love little signs you're still here like the ornament brushing the tree.

It taking some getting used to, you not following me anymore,
Kyle still shuffles his feet at the bed where you used to lay on the floor.

It made me happiest watching you swim at the beach,
He could see how much you loved it that even Vito let you teach.

To my son, companion, and very best friend.
I hope we are reunited some day, I hope this isn't the end..
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