my darling Daisy
by Linda Shafer
It is 5 weeks today that we lost our darling little girl,Daisy,she would have been 14 in May. That Saturday morning when we took her to the emergency clinic,we never thought she would never be coming home. On Friday, she was at our vets,she was having trouble breathing,he gave her shot and some medicine and said if she wasn't better in the morning take her to the clinic. They said her lungs were filled with fluid and tried to help ,but she keep getting worse,by 6:00 that night we had to make the hardest discussion in the world. I miss her so much and can't stop my tears. She was the sweetest little dog and my baby girl. I don't know how to say good bye. My darling Daisy Mae, we will always love you and miss you,rest well in heaven my little westie angel. Thank you to all the members of the Rainbow Bridge for listening to my story.
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