Miu miu baby
by Linda
You are my miu miu

The kitten who jumped like little deers

You are my miu miu

Gave me sweet nose touch kisses when I came home from work

A house so big but couldn’t contain your adventurous spirit

Wonder out to the garden you insisted. You played. You hunted.

Mommy found you on the side of the road. You were scared but so braved.

You fought hard. Somewhere between the night you decided, mommy I’ll play in the heaven garden.

I called out your name you always appeared. I know that won’t change.

You will roll around on your belly and express to mommy the great fun you have being a in-outdoors cat.

You are perfect. Mommy loves you forever and ever.

Miu miu my sunshine. Purring sunshine. You gave love with no holding back.

A love so unique. You are.
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