Babygirl Keiko
by Linda Warren
My sweet baby girl Keiko, my angel baby now . when we went to pick up Gizmo’s wife you had already known you was going to be her. We all came to visit and get to know the puppy we came to get, but you chose us. You got into my lap and rolled over on your back so I could rub your belly and you wasn’t leaving. Our hearts fell for you immediately and you was a blessing always. We named you Keiko which means blessed and happy child. We all loved you so. You was a demanding little girl and you talked to us immediately letting us know what you thought. Gizmo loved you so always and was very happy with you. We planned to let you to have babies, but we decided not because you was so delicate and our baby. In your very happy life you had several surgeries, cancer and it was time that tore the pages away. You was happy right up until the last 24 hours. It happened too fast and with no idea anything was wrong. It has torn me to pieces. It has been over two years and the pain is so deep. You was so strong,sweet and loved by everyone. But God knows I would do anything for you and Gizmo. So this is a short story of a precious baby girl that brought so much love and happiness to our lives. I wish I could turn back time so I could have given you your favorite filet mignon and hold you for days and nights before that day. I am sorry I didn’t know. I miss so much, momma
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